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Marketing Consulting

Marketing and Branding are crucial components of a successful business strategy. Delivering creative brand messages that allure customers through the right digital channels can be hard.


85% of small businesses have no idea in marketing strategies [Link 1], that’s why more than 20% of all businesses go bankrupt within their 1st year. [Link 2]


Finding an expert in marketing consulting can help avoid pitfalls that most businesses make.


10+ years, Bright Marketing Solutions has consulted hundreds of business’s marketing strategies.

Optimizing, Improving, and providing a fresh perspective to showcase their company’s brand.

SEO, Social Media, Email, Brand, and Website Marketing, we do it all.


Metric-driven, your marketing campaign results are constantly monitored and analyzed to deliver your messages to the right customers.

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Developing comprehensive plans to increase your online exposure, so you can focus on product development and other business goals.


Provide a fresh perspective in your marketing campaign today.


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